Pork Recipes

A collection of some of our favourite pasture-raised pork recipes.

Classic Roast Pork

This ultimate Sunday roast is well worth the wait. Slow roasting the pork results in juicy, tender flesh, with the final blast in a hot oven resulting in ultra-crispy pork crackling.


Greek Style Meatballs

These Greek meatballs, Keftedes, are juicy, full of flavour and couldn't be easier to make! This recipe from My Greek Dish are best served as part of a mezze platter alongside tzatziki, pita breads and Greek salad.


Italian Pulled Pork

This Italian style pulled pork is incredibly tender and couldn't be easier to make. Use the slow cooker method and dinner will be cooked by the time you walk in the door from work.


Seasoned Pork Chops

This spice rub adds both flavour and beautiful red hue to the pork chops. Adding a knob of butter at the end creates a delicious sauce to drizzle over the chops. If you like a slightly sweet sauce, add a little honey or pure maple syrup when melting the butter!